Why on earth did you call me, when you could just text?” 

I love communication. As long as it is written, (organised and to the point) or verbal in one-on-one meetings (I am an introvert, remember?) that have been pre-arranged through short and sweet emails or texts (preferably not more than 5-6) and not for trivial matters. If and when we do meet, I love to listen and share deeper thoughts and feelings and you will have my undivided attention (I consider peeking at a phone while holding a conversation a social crime that corrodes true connections).

Bear in mind that although I carry a mobile phone (which serves me mainly as a portable reading device and a camera) I treat it as a land line. If I am “away” I will not answer the call, even if I hold the device in my hand. I consider my life and my family moments private and precious and I am never at anyone’s disposal 24/7. Noons are for siestas and late night calls only for significant others. (Don’t call me after 22:30, you run the risk of waking up my kids and the mother-dragon in me, plus I am not a doctor, anything can wait for the -not so early- morning).

As long as you understand the above and you remember never to call me when you can just text/email me, then feel free to contact me at v(dot)zaglara(at)gMail(dot)c0m!