Embrace Uncertainty!

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About me

Welcome to this page, I wonder … what brought you here today? Have we met in real life? If not, allow me to introduce myself, I am Vassiliki. The fancy title I came up with for myself is “a creative freethinker and communicator” (a convenient umbrella-term, right?).

If I had to define who I am (can anyone ever define who they are?) I would say that I am a human (I’m not a robot Captcha, how many times do I need to tell you?), a wanna-be conscious mother, forever devoted on personal growth, soul searching and the evolution of humanity.

More than anything I’m fascinated by human behaviour, connections, motivation, and I’m still wondering what’s the best way to serve humanity… Any ideas? Before you tell me, I’ve read the quote “if you can be anything, be kind”, I am one of the kindest people I know, unless someone has undoubtedly crossed the line, when “the line is so far, it’s like a dot to them…” then… boundaries! 🙂

Something I’ve been told is that I’m good at listening and reflecting what’s important, I can see both bigger picture and fine details and I can pretty accurately grasp the essence of a person, a plan, a relationship, a situation, a chapter or a whole book, a nonprofit or a business…

I am also good with words (well not in this page apparently, but it’s ok considering that it’s late at night, English is not my native language and I am a recovering perfectionist). What I mean is that I often write stuff for others.

They send me something, asking for approval, and I find myself rewriting bios, newsletters, presentations, cover letters, art statements, clarifying posts or even difficult text messages (when there should be an honest conversation, if you ask me…) I’d never do sexting, no matter how bad the writing presented to me. Sorry, never understood that genre.

Seeing clearly what someone is trying to say (even when they seem confused), comes natural to me, and I love helping people express themselves, their ideas, their emotions, their brand or their heart.

I enjoy exploring cultural, visual stories, marketing/branding stories, myths, legends, archetypes, symbols. Tarot and the esoteric also hold a powerful magnet for me, 20 years and counting. It hasn’t always been smooth since I am kind of skeptic but recently I’ve come to realise how real “magic” works (hint: magic is not what you think) and I have more “proof” than I know what to do with it.

One of my dreams is to hold a workshop on how we can change our personal narrative and create the life we want. I feel that we are all co-creating our interconnected lives and that personal responsibility & ownership is the basis of freedom & happiness. (And psychotherapy, I learned never to underestimate the impact of a good therapist on this front!)

For my sanity, I depend on creativity. My creations vary between writing marketing questionnaires, designing brand identities, Instagram grids (for others, don’t look at mine!), coaching visual aids, diagrams, and mind maps, doodling mandalas, crocheting amigurumi/felt toys, crafting and sharing stories and introspective journaling.

In terms of titles, I have a BA in Graphic Design. I have also attended seminars, workshops and courses on: photography, calligraphy, packaging, creative writing, neurolinguistic programming, life-coaching, story skills, marketing, branding, copywriting. I have taught myself to crochet, to read the Tarot, and I am still learning how to be a mother… another life long pursuit (and I wouldn’t like it any other way).

Ok, now that I’ve shared all these stuff about me, how about you? Who are you? What makes you tick? What drives you (nuts)? Your biggest dream? Your deepest desire? What are you looking for? Now that you’re here, how can I help?

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A constant field of challenges, self growth, study, experimentation, social observations, philosophical theories put to the test, deep insomniac, self-doubting thinking and authentic fun, hugs, kisses and pure wonder.

Also a source of divine connection, as nothing drives me closer to God than a happy child (expressing gratitude and suddenly remembering to be present in the moment) or a child in crisis [humble praying for what (not) to do next].

Branding Design & Visual Communication

My on the side freelancing career (for 15 years) on the side of my No1 priority, my kids! I intend to keep honing my skills and enjoy my creativity on my terms.


Creative, non-fiction, introspective, sarcastic and personal. My most reliable “self-container”. (When in a hurry or at loss, it takes the form of mind mapping and endless lists.)

Creativity Unleashed

Via watercolours, sakura pens, photo shooting and photoshopping, crochet hooks and piles of yarn, needles and felt, calligraphy and more…

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contact me at v(dot)zaglara(at)gMail(dot)c0m!

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