Embrace Uncertainty!

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About me

Welcome to this page, I wonder …what do you need to know about me? I am a creative communicator, I take messy thoughts and confusing concepts (mostly presented to me by others, quite often my very own), define them, organize them and present them visually and/or written in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way so that people can really say and see what they mean, be understood and often admired for their innovative thoughts!

Sometimes this takes the form of brand identity or presentations, other times edited bios for friends and cousins, rewritten newsletters for the family business or “healing” bedtime stories for my kids.

The topic I am currently obsessively exploring is stories! Personal, cultural, visual stories, marketing/branding stories, myths, legends, archetypes, symbols!

I have a BA in Graphic Design, I am also an NLP Master Practitioner (although I don’t “practice” it, at least not consciously), an introspective writer (until now, that is) and I crochet like a pro as long as there is a diagram.

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A constant field of challenges, self growth, study, experimentation, social observations, philosophical theories put to the test, deep insomniac, self-doubting thinking and authentic fun, hugs, kisses and pure wonder.

Also a source of divine connection, as nothing drives me closer to God than a happy child (expressing gratitude and suddenly remembering to be present in the moment) or a child in crisis [humble praying for what (not) to do next].

Branding Design & Visual Communication

My on the side freelancing career (for 15 years) on the side of my No1 priority, my kids! I intend to keep honing my skills and enjoy my creativity on my terms.


Creative, non-fiction, introspective, sarcastic and personal. My most reliable “self-container”. (When in a hurry or at loss, it takes the form of mind mapping and endless lists.)

Creativity Unleashed

Via watercolours, sakura pens, photo shooting and photoshopping, crochet hooks and piles of yarn, needles and felt, calligraphy and more…

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Why on earth did you call me, when you could just text?” 

I love communication. As long as it is written, (organised and to the point) or verbal in one-on-one meetings (I am an introvert, remember?) that have been pre-arranged through short and sweet emails or texts (preferably not more than 5-6) and not for trivial matters. If and when we do meet, I love to listen and share deeper thoughts and feelings and you will have my undivided attention (I consider peeking at a phone while holding a conversation a social crime that corrodes true connections).

Bear in mind that although I carry a mobile phone (which serves me mainly as a portable reading device and a camera) I treat it as a land line. If I am “away” I will not answer the call, even if I hold the device in my hand. I consider my life and my family moments private and precious and I am never at anyone’s disposal 24/7. Noons are for siestas and late night calls only for significant others. (Don’t call me after 22:30, you run the risk of waking up my kids and the mother-dragon in me, plus I am not a doctor, anything can wait for the -not so early- morning).

As long as you understand the above and you remember never to call me when you can just text/email me, then feel free to contact me at v(dot)zaglara(at)gMail(dot)c0m!

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