About me

Welcome to this page, I wonder …what do you need to know about me? I am a creative communicator, I take messy thoughts and confusing concepts (mostly presented to me by others, quite often my very own), define them, organize them and present them visually and/or written in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way so that people can really say and see what they mean, be understood and often admired for their innovative thoughts!

Sometimes this takes the form of brand identity or presentations, other times edited bios for friends and cousins, rewritten newsletters for the family business or “healing” bedtime stories for my kids.

The topic I am currently obsessively exploring is stories! Personal, cultural, visual stories, marketing/branding stories, myths, legends, archetypes, symbols!

I have a BA in Graphic Design, I am also an NLP Master Practitioner (although I don’t “practice” it, at least not consciously), an introspective writer (until now, that is) and I crochet like a pro as long as there is a diagram.