A constant field of challenges, self growth, study, experimentation, social observations, philosophical theories put to the test, deep insomniac, self-doubting thinking and authentic fun, hugs, kisses and pure wonder.

Also a source of divine connection, as nothing drives me closer to God than a happy child (expressing gratitude and suddenly remembering to be present in the moment) or a child in crisis [humble praying for what (not) to do next].

Branding Design & Visual Communication

My on the side freelancing career (for 15 years) on the side of my No1 priority, my kids! I intend to keep honing my skills and enjoy my creativity on my terms.


Creative, non-fiction, introspective, sarcastic and personal. My most reliable “self-container”. (When in a hurry or at loss, it takes the form of mind mapping and endless lists.)

Creativity Unleashed

Via watercolours, sakura pens, photo shooting and photoshopping, crochet hooks and piles of yarn, needles and felt, calligraphy and more…